The Society

Gramodhar Mahavidyalaya Society was established and registered under Society Registration Act 1860. The main aim of the society was to disseminate quality education in the technical and professional areas, especially for educationally deprived people of our country.

The first phase of the building was completed in 2002 and then only the academic programme for B.A. were started

Enthused by the success of overwhelming support of its members, the society went on extending the infrastructure in terms of building and equipments.

The farsighted and vision of its founder Mr. Vijay Pal Singh Yadav, the society looks forward to expand its educational programmes in the newly emerging areas and to serve as a participant in the efforts to develop appropriate human resources for the country's all round development.

The Insititute

Gramodhar Mahavidyalaya is a non profit earning, quality conscious and trend settin institute with focus on providing equal opportunity for development for human potentionals of every segment & socity including the discreminated one. The institute has been established through the dedication and selfless endeavour of educations. Who are deeply concerned with the standards of education and are determined to the quality, content and have joined hands to direct the agenda of education which will fully and qualitatively caters the requirements of the business, industry and trade and is made available at affordable cost to the largest number of eligible aspirants.

The Mission

The mission of the institute is to develop new paradigms for education to strive to provide holistic education lending to student empowerment with a bias for creativity and cohesive group functioning.

The pedagogy, institutional adequacy and the resource input will be matched with the emerging requirements of a resurent economy and global challanges. This is sought to be achieved through the dedicated and principal involvement of both the faculty abd the students.

The ultimate mission of the institute is to make education exclusive and open not only for a selected few but also as many meritorious students as possible.

Aims & Objectives

Gramodhar Mahavidhyalaya has been established in conformity with the new concept of modern education where "self supporting scheme" is the determinant of higher education. This fact will provide pragmatic apporach to the admission of students.

The pragmatic philosophy of education determines the aim of our educational pattern Modern Education introduces a new meanning to:

  1. Teacher - taught relationship
  2. Teacher - guardian relationship
  3. Teaching - adiovisual teaching relationship
  4. Classroom teaching - co curriculam activities relationship
  5. Striving for provision of total Quality Education at affordable cost.

Promotion quality control of education through induction and involvement of specialists in syllabi and active participation of students, teachers, organisations, corporate, entities, upgradation of course product and services through strategies like empowerment, reengineering, bench making, organic evolution of education concepts and practices suited to the genius of the people and imperatives of the Indian socioeconomic environment.

Provision of facilities and encouragement for studies and research in diverse fields of education training and consultancy.

Liasing and exchaning information of the state pedagogy and educational practices with various professional bodies of international eminence.

Acting as a super-ordinate body for promotion of excellence in different areas of education, acting as a nodal agency for coodination of professional and associated from concerned fields.

The Campus

Gramodhar Mahavidhyalaya situated in ecofiendly environment to provide higher education to the deprived students who are finding difficulty to get admission in existing colleges in chosen subjects for want of good education.

The Campus of Institute has a nice-built and well-maintained building which has many lecture rooms, equipped with all those facilities which a modern lecture room is suppossed to have. The rooms are well-ventilated and quite spacious, audio-visual facilities as per demand of the present day education system arena also available.

Educational Programmes

The institute has been granted affilation by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra in following faculties:

  1. Bachelor of Science [Z.B.C. & P.C.M.]
  2. Bachelor of Arts [B.A.]
  3. Bachelor of Education [B.Ed.]
  4. Bachelor of Business Administrator [B.B.A.]
  5. Bachelor of Computer Application [B.C.A.]

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology adopted by the institute is revealed as under:

Classroom Lecture
      Lectures for theoritical input, home assignments and class participation with practical examples and Social constructvism.